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Tin Free Steel (TFS)  is also called ECCS (Electrolytic Chromium / Chromium Oxide Coated Steel), obtained by coating the metal base (low-carbon steel) with an ultra-thin layer of metallic chrome and then with a chromium oxide layer. TFS offers outstanding corrosion resistance, lacquer adhesion as well as printability.  With all of these featuresTFS widely used for the production of Draw Redraw two-piece cans, seamed cans and many components that do not have to be welded, such as ends, lids, crown corks, twist-off caps and aerosol bottoms and tops.


Special Applications


DR- Double Reduced , make DR TFS have higher level of  Rigidity and Strength , with these features, enable thinner DR TFS display an identcial level of durability to the General TFS,  widely used for Twsit off caps , Two- pieces Cans, Can Body etc products, and reduced costs to a large extent. 

Soft TFS

Soft for Temper,  T1 which Rockwell hardness at 49. Clean surface with good property make TFS to be a perfect protective material for optical fiber cables.

Gerneral TFS

TFS play more and more important role in Metal Packing Industry, it's an economical and high quality replacement for tinplate .Lower in price than tin plates, tin free steel boasts superior lacquer and paint adhesion and strong resistance against corrosion. widely used for food and chemical packing industries.


Avaliable Specifications

Black Plate Normal Thickness Normal Width      Normal Length(Sheets)
Single Reduce(T1-T6) 0.15~0.55mm 600~1150mm 500~1200mm
Double Reduce(DR7- DR10) 0.12~0.36mm 600~1150mm 500~1200mm


Metalic Chromium Layer (One side)  Chromium Oxide Layer (One side)   
Mini Average Coating Weight Max  Average Coating Weight Mini Average Coating Wieght Max Average Coating Weight
60 mg/m2 150 mg/m2 5 mg/m2 35mg/m2



Avaliable Temper:

JIS G3303:2008     ASTM A623M-08     EM 10202:1989      EN 1020:2001      ISO 11950:1995  ROCKWELL HARDNESS
T-1 T-1(49) T50 TS230 TH50+CE 49
T-2 T-2(T53) T52 TS245 TH52+CE 53
T-2.5 - - TS260 TH55+CE 55
T-3 T-3(T57) T57 TS275 TH57+CE 57
- - - TS290 - -
T-4 T-4(T61) T61 TH415 TH61+CE 61
T-5 T-5(T65) T65 TH435 TH65+CE 65
DR7 DR7.5 - TH520 - 71
DR8 DR8 DR550 TH550 T550+CE 73
DR9 DR9 DR620 TH620 T620+CE 76
DR9M DR9.5 DR660 - T660+CE -
DR10 - - - T690+CE 80


Avaliable Surface Finsh:

Code Surface Finish Characteristics
B Bright Surface
Glazed surface obtained by a thin layer of chromium and chromium oxide
deposited on the smooth steel base with extremely fine stone figures by
R Stone Surface
Glazed surface obtained after a thin layer of chromium and chromium oxide
deposited on the smooth steel base featuring certain oriented stone figures
M Matte Surface Matt surface 




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